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SkinGO! Signature Facials

We believe in providing effective and high quality express facials to those seeking a respite for their troubled skin or are looking to recapture that skin glow.

Bio- Aqua Facial (Dry/ Normal Skin)

Step 1

Dissolve any surface impurities and soften dead skin cells with a gentle vortex liquid wash

Step 2

Vortex infusion of moisturizing and anti-pollution serums for stronger skin barriers

Step 3

Jet-spray whitening hydrogen water for lit-from-within radiance

End off with a gentle lymphatic facial massage.

Bio-Clear Facial (Oily/ Acne- Prone skin)

Step 1

Deep cleanse and wick away dead skin cells, dirt and grime with ultrasonic exfoliation.

Step 2

Ease oily and congested skin with a cocktail of oil-balancing and detoxifying solution through vortex infusion.

Step 3

Reduce redness and minimize pores with soothing oxygen sprays

End off with a gentle lymphatic facial massage.

Bio-Lift Facial (Ageing Skin)

Step 1

Restore rejuvenation with a brightening vortex infusion.

Step 2

Firm facial contours and soften fine lines with radiofrequency therapy

Step 2

Plump dehydrated skin and promote cell renewal with hydrogen jets infused with lifting serums.

End off with a gentle lymphatic facial massage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SkinGO! facials suitable for all skin types?

Yes, our facials are suitable for all skin types. Our beauty therapists are also available to assist in evaluating your skin type.

How often should I do SkinGO! facials?

Based on personal preference, you may come between 1-4 times a month.

Any extractions involved?

No, we do not do extractions at SkinGO! Treatment steps are purely machine based.

Is there any downtime involved?

There is no downtime. You may experience some redness due to sensitivity but this will soon fade away.

Do I have to make a prior appointment?

SkinGO! only accept walk-ins. You may obtain a queue number at our in-store payment kiosk.

Glowing Skin

Starts from Healthy Skin

Medical Grade
Trained Staff
Effective Results
in 15 Minutes

Testimonials From Our Customers

My skin looks clearer, more moisturized and glowing after the Bio-Aqua facial. The therapist explained the steps in detail. Very good service. Nice.


I feel very refreshed and my skin feels firmer. Entire facial was comfortable.


Good service. Attentive to customer needs. Effective products. Able to see results immediately after the Bio-Lift facial.


Service is good and customer comfort is made sure of occasionally. Facial feels nice and pain free. It’s perfect for someone who is busy with work!


I like the facial done at SkinGO! because it is fast and convenient. It did not agitate my skin and the whole process was very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend SkinGO! to my friends.


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