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Our Facial Treatment Compared To Spa Facials
Facial Treatment Compared To Spa Facials | SkinGO!


Part of the challenge of living in the modern world today is dealing with the day-to-day impact on our bodies. Lifestyle habits and environmental factors have a major impact on our skin. When constantly exposed to the elements, you’ll notice some issues forming majority on your skin. Acne breakouts are inevitable and if left untreated, will result in clogged and enlarged pores.

At SkinGO!, we use advanced technology from Korea to offer a one of a kind facial experience, different from spa facials in Singapore. Providing top-notch customer experience is our main priority and even though it is a 15-minute facial, we want all our customers to be immersed in the most relaxing environment. Our facials are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and are just as effective as a 60-90 minute traditional facial.

After the facial, you should notice:

  • A visible change in the overall skin quality as the serums and solutions used help with oil control and skin detoxification, reducing acne breakouts gradually.
  • Improving and creating a more consistent skin tone.
  • Lesser skin issues in terms of pigmentation marks, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Brighter, more radiant and hydrated skin
  • Firmer skin and smaller pores

The Difference Between Our Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment And Spa Facials

The skin plays an important role in giving a good first impression. Those with taut, clear and glowing skin can give a better first impression as compared to someone who has dull and sagging skin.

Difference between SkinGO!’s facial skin treatments and spa facials:

  Bio-Lift (SkinGO!) Traditional Spa Facials
Duration 15-20 minutes 60-90 minutes
Steps 4-step facial (machine based) 7-9 steps
Downtime No downtime Slight downtime from extraction step
Results Glowing and lifted skin Lifted skin with some redness
Packages? No packages; $28 nett per facial Packages + Hard selling

Our facial steps are straight to the point and the results are comparable if not better than a traditional facial. One common question we often receive is: “Why are there no extractions in your facials?” Well, instead of manual extractions, we use a vortex infusion to infuse a gentle blend of solutions into the skin. For example, for oily and acne-prone skin, we use an oil control and detoxifying mix. The infused solution prevents excess sebum production which in time reduces clogged pores and acne. Unlike manual extractions, this method allows you to get rid of acne without any downtime or redness.

Facial Spa Treatment

As with any anti-ageing facial, the main priority is to brighten dull skin and lift sagging skin. The Bio-Lift facial start with a cleanse to remove any existing makeup residue. This is followed by a brightening infusion and a lifting treatment using radio-frequency technology from Korea. To promote cell renewal and boost hydration, a layer of ultra-lifting serum is then sprayed onto the skin using Hydrogen jets.

Many men and women in Singapore face skin troubles with ageing but chose to live without taking care. Drop by for a quick 15-minute skin fix to give your skin the attention it deserves!