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Oxygen Facial
Oxygen Facial | SkinGO!


When it comes to caring for our skin, it is common knowledge that we need to oxygenate our skin to keep it healthy. If there is not enough oxygen delivered to the face, overall complexion will be dull and lifeless. The ageing of the skin also begins to accelerate. Skincare-wise, it may take some effort to achieve good skin, which is why our customers choose to come to SkinGO! for the oxygen jets facial treatment as seen in Bio-Clear. Instead of personally doing it at home and seeing middling results, you can drop by for a quick 15-minute facial (no appointments needed!) and really deliver on the benefits of an oxygen facial.

One of the major benefits of an oxygen facial is the collagen boost your skin receives, firming and reducing any fine lines and wrinkles. Thereafter, you are left with skin that is fresher, fuller, younger, and also be more resistant to free radicals. Beside collagen production, what other reasons make this a treatment one to consider?

The Wonders Of Oxygen Facials

A huge perk of an oxygen facial is that it is excellent for skin detoxification. The oxygen jets can help to better infuse customised serums into the skin. Clogged pores need to be cleaned out, and a treatment that targets on infusing skin nourishing oxygen and detoxifying solution will definitely make a difference.

Not only does it help to unclog pores, but it also helps to improve the overall pigmentation of your skin. By removing all impurities from the top layer of the skin (epidermis), it further increases the oxygen content. It also exfoliates the dead cells from the top layer, giving your skin a radiant glow from deep within.

Oxygen jets help to reduce acne as it shrinks the appearance of enlarged pores. Acne is caused by the accumulation of dirt and sebum in enlarged pores. As it shrinks, lesser dirt and sebum get trapped, resulting in reduced acne. From fine lines and wrinkles to pores forming, this will help to make sure that your skin looks more even and natural.

With constant exposure to natural environmental elements such as the sun, pollution and even more so recently with the haze, oxygen-infused treatments can provide the much-needed hydration boost for your skin. It also restores pH levels and creates a barrier that protects your skin from sun damage.

For such a straightforward treatment, that’s quite an astonishing number of benefits. One can expect to see a visible difference in terms of overall skin texture after just one month of receiving the oxygen facial treatment session.

Our Bio-Clear facial includes a vortex infusion of specially blended solutions for oil-control and skin detoxification, an ultrasonic exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells and a soothing oxygen jet spray for extra hydration.

Bio-Clear facial- $28 nett (no appointments required),